Social bookmarking list

Social bookmarking sites allow you to store, and share links across the internet, meaning that if you come across any page/website on the internet that you find to be interesting and would like to save for later reading, or save and share it with your friends, and then you can use a social bookmarking sites’ services and save your link.


This process of saving the link is referred to as bookmarking on the link. Depending on the site and your chosen preference, your bookmarked linked will be visible to you only, or the people you share it with or to the entire world. Almost all Social Bookmarking Sites are free to use but require you to register in order to manage and organize your bookmarks well. 1996 saw the advent of Social bookmarking services, and many of the current social bookmarking sites find their origin around this time. With time the popularity of social bookmarking sties has grown tremendously, and today there are numerous sites which cater to internet users social bookmarking needs.  

Many popular social bookmarking sites serve as discovery spots, where friends and people with similar interest, keep track of each other’s bookmarked sites, and use these platforms to discover and share new sites/pages with people who have similar taste/interest.